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Our partners at WP Hood are hosting their first giveaway, we wanted to share the details with you below! 😄

WordPress has taken the web development world by storm with its easy to use themes, plugins and customizable, user-friendly interface. No doubt today 70% of the world’s top websites are developed on WordPress. Although designing and developing a website on WordPress has become easier than ever, managing and maintaining the website is a time taking process that requires constant attention and work.

If you are among the majority of people who do not have the technical knowledge and almost all the time needs assistance to edit or update your website, then WP Hood has some good news for you. WP Hood has come up with a monthly subscription service that takes away all the pains of owning a website and gives you peace of mind.

With WP Hood, you can keep your worries aside and trust them to take care of your WordPress website 24/7/365.

If you are still thinking about whether to get the subscription or not, throw away the worries because you can try their services free for 3 months before deciding they are the best team to hire with this unbelievable giveaway.

WP Hood is a team of web experts combined to work towards one major goal that is your success. We make sure you have an IT team at your back to worrying about website optimization, security, updates and what not. With WP Hood, you can rest assured that your website will always be up and running and in the event your website is down, we’ll recover it within minutes to combat any lost customers because of downtime. With us, you can truly experience enhanced speed, and increased conversions.

How to win a 3-months free subscription with WP Hood:

  1. Visit WP Hood Giveaway page
  2. Fill in the form with a few questions.
  3. Complete your contact information.
  4. Share the link with your friends for additional entries.

Each approved entry will increase your chances of winning.

All 3 Winners will be selected randomly.

All winners will be eligible for our most popular WordPress Website Maintenance subscription package – Enhanced.

Giveaway Details:

Date: 24 – October 2018 – to 15 – November – 2018

Prize: A 3-months subscription to Enhanced.

Winners: Out of all the entries, 3 random winners will be selected. All 3 winners will be eligible for 3-month subscription each. The names of the Winners will be announced here on Alka Web on 26th October 2018.

WP Hood Core Values:
At WP Hood, we are your chief technical team who is working day in day out to make sure your website is always running smoothly and you can have peace of mind, caring support, and powerful services in affordable costs. What are you waiting for now, Get, Set, and Go!

Good Luck!


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Software Engineer and Co-Founder @Alkaweb Embracing the Growth mindset, always hustling and moving forward! Having a blast working with tech such as Laravel, Vue.js, GraphQL and more up and coming tech stacks.

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