A new major update of Woffice has been published: Woffice 2.4.0. We have collected a lot of feedback and suggestions from our customers in the latest months and they have been very helpful. The most of them were about Projects management improvements, we have noted all of them for months, then we have discussed them in our team and so we worked hard and we made them real! We have improved projects management very much, and not only that.

Time Tracking

First of all, let’s give the right space to this totally new feature. A lot of customers have asked for it and we have promised that it was on our way, and finally it’s here, as a new Unyson extension.

The concept behind this extension is to allow to anyone to keep track of his working time. Your staff can start the timer when they arrive at the office, or any moment when they start to work, and stop it when they are done. The timer sums all the records on daily basis, so it’s automatically refreshed every day.

Every user can see it’s history and administrators can see the history of all the users.

Projects improvements

The projects layout has been improved, now it’s cooler than before and it’s more coherent with the rest of the site. However the most important thing is that now the projects directory supports masonry layout!

Another useful improvements is the members suggestion. Add a member to a project could be a very boring job if your site has hundreds or even dozens of members, so we have removed the old multiselect and add a simple text input, you can start to write the name of the member and it will show all the suggestions. If for some reasons you want to use still the old multiselect, you can just add this line to the file functions.php of your child theme:

add_filter( 'woffice_disable_projects_members_suggestion', '__return_true');

Another useful option added to the projects is the “completed” status. Now you can mark a project as completed despite it’s tasks or it’s dates. You can also choose to hide the completed projects from the listing.

Projects tasks

Projects tasks section has been considerably improved. First of all we have cleaned a lot the code behind it, in order to have better performance and a more stable results, also in order to simplify eventual customization actions. Then, the most important improvement on projects tasks is that now is possible to edit the tasks by frontend, which was a big issue on Woffice.

Everything is powered by the famous Vue.js.

The changelog

If you want to see more geeky details, this is the complete changelog of Woffice 2.4.0:

- (NEW) Time Tracking Woffice Extension
- (NEW) Project to-do urgent option
- (NEW) New option added to the widget "(Woffice) Projects". Now it's possible display only the projects of the current user
- (NEW) Added options to mark the projects as completed and choose if hide them from the listing
- (NEW) Masonry layout for the projects directory
- (NEW) Name auto-completion for project members assignation
- (IMPROVED) Project to-do manager from scratch using Vue.js
- (IMPROVED) Project Extension code comments and organizations
- (IMPROVED) Style of projects listing
- (IMPROVED) RTL support
- (FIXED) Permissions of BuddyPress pages
- (FIXED) Fun facts widget on the dashboard performance issue

Instead if you have missed some updates, you can find the full changelog here.

In Conclusion

We can’t never stress enough, we appreciate all feedbacks and all suggestions received in the latest months, we have really kept note all of them and have really kept them in consideration when we worked on this new big release. They have helped us a lot and so we want to dedicate Woffice 2.4.0 to all our customers, who not only use our products but also help us to improve them, in sake of the whole community.

Thank you,
Alkaweb Team.


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