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Have you ever felt the need for an increased interaction between your team members and your partners? Do you feel like some company resources are unorganized and messy?  Are your fellow teammates complaining about the number of tools they do need to deal with each day: Dropbox, Google Drive, Slack, Forums, documents files stored on your server, Pipedrive or any other CRM, HR tool, a project management software, and so on… I’m pretty much sure you’ve already felt such feeling. That’s why we are now going to iron out this, and demonstrate how an intranet could benefit your company.

First, let’s define the concept of the intranet. As opposed to an extranet, an intranet is a website or an application operating on the company network and which aims at gathering all the resources of the company in a single place – basically, you could define it as a huge database with a beautiful user interface.

Therefore, by setting up an intranet for your company, you are clustering all the previous assets of your company, and, as a consequence, you turn your employees toward the same goal: make your company thrive.

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Sharing information

All your users can now access and share facts with different permissions according to a defined role – which is relevant to their occupation or department. Thus, you also make sure that everyone in the company is on the same line: you won’t have any guy using the old logo, or the old branding. You are then improving the overall business efficiency.

Curated content and saving time

Owing to the number of changes and updates that tend to occur in your company, but also in your area, week-to-week information can become difficult to find. At Alkaweb, we wanted to address this and create a single location where everyone would be able to find an answer to their question. That’s where the wiki base, or knowledge base, comes in: it allows any teammate – or the ones we want to be able  –  to create a topic about something he stumbled across, or he simply knows about, and he wants to ensure that this “common” (or not so common) topic is now easily solvable.

Therefore, in this case, your intranet provides you the ability to share resources and best practice between your employees, and so incentivise collaborative working. It can also act as a training platform if you publish online training content for example.

Last but not least, when your guys run into an issue, as they are able to share the “hack”, overtime, you are raising the level of customer service: better access to accurate and consistent information by your staff.

Woffice Projects

Reducing costs

As of now, you’ve seen that an intranet allows you to: share company’s and clients ‘information, store valuable resources, train your staff, ease collaboration and interaction ; but it also lets you manage project with, as far as we are concerned, a project management tool. It’s worth noting that you can, of course, add your custom or third-party integration.

As a consequence, you’re reducing your costs by reducing the number of tools and licenses.

Better communication

What’s more, corporate information such as memos, handbooks, staff news and announcements can be disclosed in one place and store overtime.

Scalable and infinite possibilities

One thing we haven’t mentioned so far is the number of opportunities you have to extend your intranet! This is especially true for WordPress, the Content Management System we are using at Alkaweb to make Woffice the best intranet ever. In fact, with the whopping community behind WordPress, the number of plugins out there is unimaginable (more than 30k) and so are the features: forums, internal shop, etc. What’s more, at Alkaweb, we focus on the usability and we try to build our own extensions to make the product as fast and consistent as possible, but also to be the master of our product: we’ve for instance built our own directory and project management plugins.  We are then able to tailor everything to your need and adapt them to your needs. It’s definitely bespoke!


In brief, an intranet preserves resources and shift your internal assets, tools and exchanges into one centralized location instead of several scattered locations.

Now that you know the advantages of an intranet and the potential outcomes, please have a look at our article on: How to set up an intranet with WordPress?

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