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WordPress is becoming even more stable and easy to use, therefore this allows both large and small institutions to use it for their own education business. Indeed, using some themes or plugins designed for this purpose, WordPress can become a very good platform for universities, eLearning, course sellers, single instructors and everyone else working in the education business.

You will find below a collection of the best WordPress education themes, among these you can surely find your next template, the one that’ll suit your education site and make it stand out from your competitors.

WPLMS Learning Management System


We can’t deny that this is the most famous and surely the most sold education theme ever for WordPress, and there are good reasons for this. The theme has been published almost 3 years ago, but it has been constantly updated. At this moment, when I’m writing this article it got exactly 1000 reviews, and customers definitely love it.

WPLMS seems able to fit all needs you may have, such as a big and complex University site, a small eLearning site, a single course site or a single instructor site. There are really a lot of possibilities and for all of them you can find a demo example in its clear landing page.

If this would not be enough, in its package are included premium plugins for a total worth of 129$, which is really a good deal considering that the price of the theme is around half of this figure.

Learning management system based on:

  • Plugins created ad hoc

Education WordPress Theme | Education WP


This is another great WordPress education theme. Even though, It has been published less than 1 year ago it’s updated on a weekly basis. Customers really love this theme, so it has quickly scaled up the “hall of fame” of ThemeForest, becoming one of the most sold WordPress education themes. At this moment, it has an average review of 4.83, such a high score!

It contains so much premium plugins that it’s really not possible to count them, but it’s enough know that in its description page on ThemeForest, it praises itself affirming that the worth of all the premium plugins contained is more than $500! (Yes you have read well).

Learning management system based on:

  • LearnPress (free plugin)
  • LearnPress addons bundle (included for free instead of $249)

Woffice – Intranet/Extranet WordPress Theme


Born as an WordPress theme for intranets, Woffice is now a super flexible WordPress theme. Its outstanding support has rewarded it with an average review score of 4.84/5. Woffice is perfectly compatible with LearnDash, one of the best learning management WordPress plugins, the combination of Woffice and LearnDash creates a great learning management system for WordPress, easy to customize and with a lot of options available.

It is possible to test its demo site as a student or as a teacher, so you can check all its features for free; in addition, there is a video tutorial that shows how to install it and import the demo contents in few clicks and in less than three minutes.

Learning management system based on:

  • LearnDash (not included)

University – Education, Event and Course Theme


Another good WordPress education theme that allow you to sell courses and also events as well as trainings is University. Its design looks simple and professional. In addition, it has a very good documentation, very rich and easy to consult, which is a very important purchase factor in a complex theme like this one.

Learning management system based on:

  • Plugins created ad hoc
  • Also compatible with LearnDash (not included)

Baby Kids – Education Primary School For Children


If you want to focus more about design rather than features, this theme is perfect for you. Its design is very modern and unique. It is easy to install (there are also many video tutorials provided by the author) and provides a visual page builder as well.

It provides less features than the themes above and if you need a theme for a big and complex education site, maybe this could not be the perfect choice, but as I told, it find its value on the design side and it’s also cheaper than the themes above.

Learning management system based on:

  • Plugins created ad hoc
  • TimeTable for WP (included for free instead of $18)

Michigan Learning Suite – All-in-one Education WordPress Theme


A good mix of modern design and useful features is Michigan, also this theme provides a demo site, which can be tested as a student or as an instructor, before choosing to purchase it or not.

It is a very recent theme, so it has not collected so many reviews yet, but all the review present are very good ones, in addition this theme has been developed by a strong and experienced ThemeForest author, which most of the time is far enough.

Learning management system based on:

  • LifterLMS (free plugin)

Skilled – School Education Courses WordPress Theme


The last theme in my collection, but for sure not least is Skilled. It comes with an awesome design, a ton of shortcodes and a demo site that loads very quickly, way faster than the ones above.

The learning management system is based on Sensei, the theme is also compatible with WooCommerce and contains many premium plugins for a worth of almost $100.

Learning management system based on:

  • Sensei (included for free instead of $18)
  • TimeTable for WP (included for free instead of $18)


I hope you liked this collection of WordPress education themes and you found what you were looking for.

If you used one of these or another WordPress education theme, please share with us your experience below in the comments just underneath.


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